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Provide high quality online Nursing education and NCLEX Review Exams for the worldwide nursing community to ensure and promote the health, wellness and safety of the public.
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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Vipra Med supports the St. Jude Children' Research Hospital. Please make a difference in the life of a child by supporting this cause and visiting the St.Jude web site. Any size donation is welcome!  The Vipra Med portal provides CGFNS and NCLEX Review Exams for the nursing community worldwide.

Vipra Med, McLean, VA.
 Special Summer prices valid until Aug 31st 2016

Vipra Med 2016-2017 Plan NCLEX Review Exams | CGFNS Review | NNAAP Review

There are four Review Exam programs currently available on Vipra Med. These include the NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, CGFNS and NNAAP. Each program has five different kinds of subscriptions that vary from one month to one year. The subscription will give you access to the program that you subscribed to for the duration of the subscription. You can order additional packages or extend your subscription during the program.

This will give you access to over 3000 high quality practice and review exam questions that follow the 2016-2017 NCLEX-RN exam plan. The NCLEX-PN and CGFNS Qbank databases also contain over 3000 practice questions each. The NNAAP question database contains over 1500 review exam questions.

  One month subscription (30 days) USD 59.00 USD 49.00 USD 39.00 USD 29.00
  Two month subscription (60 days) USD 99.00 USD 89.00 USD 69.00 USD 49.00
  Three month subscription (90 days) USD 139.00 USD 129.00 USD 99.00 USD 69.00
  Six month subscription (180 days) USD 189.00 USD 179.00 USD 169.00 USD 159.00
  One year subscription (365 days) USD 249.00 USD 239.00 USD 229.00 USD 199.00

NCLEX Practice Exams

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