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Provide high quality online Nursing education and Review questions for the worldwide nursing community to ensure and promote the health, wellness and safety of the public.
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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Vipra Med supports the St. Jude Children' Research Hospital. Please make a difference in the life of a child by supporting this cause and visiting the St.Jude web site. Any size donation is welcome!  The Vipra Med portal provides Review Questions for the nursing community worldwide.

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NCLEX-PN Review Exams and Practice Tests

The Vipra Med NCLEX-PN Review Exam is designed with parallel content to simulate the real NCLEX-PN exam and equip you with the knowledge and test-taking skills required to Pass. The Vipra Med critical thinking methodology will enable you to pass in your first attempt with extremely high scores. This method alleviates the need to memorize!

The NCLEX-PN Review will assess your strengths and weaknesses on areas covered on the NCLEX-PN exam. The Vipra Med Review offers you two study modes The Tutorial mode is a teaching mode that provides you with rationale and detailed explanations for every review question. The Exam mode provides you with timed simulated exams that closely resemble the actual exam with parallel content. The Vipra Med Review is set to a higher level of difficulty to ensure that you can answer all questions on the real exam, no matter what the format.

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  NCLEX-PN Review Exam Questions  

Click on the button above to create an account and access the Free NCLEX-PN Review Exam Trial. A score of 80% or higher indicates that you are prepared for the exam in the current format. A credit card is not needed.

The Vipra Med NCLEX-PN Review Exam is used by 75 Community Colleges across the US

The NCLEX-PN is used by Nursing Boards of nursing to make licensure decisions. The Vipra Med NCLEX-PN Review Exam is a comprehensive program that is all you need for your NCLEX-PN learning and preparation needs. The Vipra Med Review provides you with core content in a parallel format that will let you pass the exam on your first try. The review questions cover all formats and provide detailed rational along with each answer. The NCLEX-PN Review Exam engine simulates the real NCLEX-PN exam and intelligently presents questions in an increasing order of difficulty based on your answers. The review Question bank includes priority, delegation and assignment type questions in various formats along with detailed rationale for each answer.

The NCLEX-PN Review Exam database has been developed by MSN and Ph.D. Nursing faculty and covers several important topics that include dosage math, ECG interpretation, delegation, advance directives, patient confidentiality, nursing priorities, infection control, Maslow theories, diseases, pharmacology and Lab values. Our development teams are expanding and updating the NCLEX-PN Review exam questions to ensure that they accurate and relevant. Several Review response formats are covered. Some of these include single response questions, multiple-choice questions, multiple response questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and a variety of display formats. Our NCLEX-PN Review Exam questions include drawings, diagrams, schematics and images that are parallel in format and content to those that may appear on the actual exam.