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Provide high quality online Nursing education and Review exam practice questions for the worldwide nursing community to ensure and promote the health, wellness and safety of the public.
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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Vipra Med supports the St. Jude Children' Research Hospital. Please make a difference in the life of a child by supporting this cause and visiting the St.Jude web site. Any size donation is welcome!  The Vipra Med portal provides NCLEX practice questions for the nursing community worldwide.

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NCLEX-PN Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take the test?
The NCLEX-PN exam is administered by the NCSBN and conducted by Pearson Vue. They have Testing Centers in almost every medium and large city in the US. Please refer to their website for further information.

When can I take the test?
The NCLEX-PN Test can be taken at any Pearson Vue Testing Center from Monday thru Saturday. For detailed timings, please check their website while making your registration. Some centers also offer testing on Sundays. It is recommended that you start preparing for the exam as soon as you have decided. In fact your study schedule should be a superset of your exam schedule. The Vipra Med Review will let you practice for the NCLEX-PN and ensure your success in this all-important exam.

What is the Computerized Adaptive Test?
The Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) is an intelligent testing methodology that utilizes computer software to assess the capability of the candidate. In this method, questions are weighted with a level of difficulty and a corresponding score. Initially, the CAT software presents items with a low or medium level of difficulty. Based on candidate responses, the CAT software progressively increases the level of difficulty. If the candidate cannot answer the difficult items correctly, the level of difficulty drops and the test gets longer. However, if the candidate can handle the difficult items, the test gets shorter and the CAT software passes the candidate. The CAT software will only ‘Pass’ the candidate if the 95 percent threshold of certainty is achieved. The Vipra Med Review has a CAT testing engine along with NCLEX practice questions that simulate the actual testing mechanism of the NCLEX-PN exam. This will predict your success in the actual exam.

How many questions are there?
The NCLEX-PN Test will present you with a minimum of 85 items (1 hour) to a maximum of 205 items (5 hours). The maximum time duration extends up to 5 hours. The first 15 items will be practice questions to begin with. After that, the CAT software will keep presenting you with questions having varying levels of difficulty. Vipra Med offers you in excess of 3000 questions with over 25 full length exams for review and practice.

How do I answer the questions?
The NCLEX exam begins with instructions on how to use the testing computer, followed with practice questions. To ensure that you don't answer by mistake, the CAT application will ask you to reconfirm your choice for each item. You cannot skip an item or go back if you have changed your mind. For this reason, it is important to apply critical thinking for each answer and follow the process of elimination for multiple choice items. Firstly, understand the question and then look at each answer and eliminate the ones that do not make sense. Finally if you are down to two, select the answer that seems safer and poses a lower risk to the client. the Vipra Med Review has practice questions with a testing engine that simulates the Pearson Vue exam format.

How do I get my result?
The Pearson VUE Testing Center will electronically transmit your results to your State Board of Nursing. You will receive official notification by mail along with your results within one month. Some State Boards participate in a Quick Results program and release your unofficial scores within 2 days. These results can be obtained from the Pearson Vue website upon a credit card payment of $7.95.

How long do I need to wait, before I retake the NCLEX-PN, If I don't pass?
The wait for all states in the United States to retake the NCLEX-PN exam is 45 days. The exceptions are Georgia and Washington State that have a 90 day wait before you are allowed to retake the -PN exam again. You will also need to re-register with Pearson Vue to get a new test date and time.

What is the NCLEX-PN Course content, Curriculum and Syllabus?
Licensed Practical nurses require knowledge of the nursing process and the health needs of the patients. These two components are addressed within the framework of the NCLEX-PN Test plan. The various categories covered under the Test Plan are shown below along with a percentage allocation of Questions assigned to these categories. The Vipra Med Review covers all categories and scenarios with practice questions that map to the percentages indicated below.

Safe, Effective Care Environment
    Coordinated Care [16-22%]
    Safety and Infection Control [10-16%]
Health Promotion and Maintenance [7-13%]
Psychosocial Integrity [8-14%]
Physiological Integrity
    Basic Care and Comfort [7-13%]
    Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies [11-17%]
    Reduction of Risk Potential [10-16%]
    Physiological Adaptation [7-13%]


Go ahead and take the Free NCLEX-PN Review Exam Trial!

  NCLEX Practice Questions  

Click on the button above to create an account and access the Free NCLEX-PN Review Exam Trial. It will present you with NCLEX Practice Questions and give you an indication of your preparedness for the actual exam. A score of 80% or higher indicates that you are prepared for the exam in the current ormat. A credit card is not needed.

The Vipra Med Review Exam with NCLEX Practice Questions

Vipra Med is all you need for your NCLEX-PN learning and preparation needs. We cover all possible content that will be tested in these exams. We offer web based online practice exams and learning for the NCLEX-PN exams and have the largest repository of NCLEX practice questions which are parallel in content and format to those questions that appear on the actual NCLEX-PN exam. Our strategy is to provide you with practice content that is extremely close to the real exam along with a higher level of difficulty. This ensures that you pass the first time with high scores. Vipra Med has leveraged critical thinking methodology for all NCLEX learning content. Our content and practice questions have been created and developed by Nursing Professors and MSN, Ph.D. Academicians. All practice questions comes with a detailed explanation and step-by-step rationale that assists with your critical thinking process. This helps you understand better, practice and prevents the need for rote memorization of nursing content. Our content is continuously revised and updated to include new item types and formats. We are always monitoring the NCLEX-PN program and test curriculum to ensure that our students benefit from the program and succeed.

The NCLEX-PN examination uses items with a variety of response formats, such as multiple-choice questions, multiple-answer questions and a variety of display formats such as hot-spot and ordered values. The practice questions in the Vipra Med NCLEX-PN program cover all tested formats. Our NCLEX-PN review and practice exam content is revised based on an analysis conducted every quarter. We are constantly working on the practice test items to ensure that they are relevant at the cognitive levels tested on the main NCLEX-PN exam. We have placed special emphasis on test areas such as pharmacology dosage math and EKG charts that students find challenging. The Tutorial mode in our Review program will let you practice as well as provide you with knowledge. The Vipra Med Testing engine employs Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) software that simulates the actual NCLE-PN exam. Practice questions in our database are assigned a level of difficulty and assigned a relative score. The Vipra Med CAT engine and practice questions follow a similar logic to the Pearson Vue CAT engine. This ensures that our students are tested using a similar test engine. This gives our students a feel for the real exam and can predict their success before applying for an ATT.